So I've been playing guitar for about 5 years, mostly using an electric guitar (Gibson SG Special Faded), and one of things i've always loved best about it is the smooth satin finish (instead of the glossy lacquer on many models). I've always messed around with acoustics, and now im looking to pick one up. I recently played an acoustic I loved and i realized one of the reasons the transition was so smooth was because of that unglossed wood neck. I also would definitely want something where higher frets are easier to reach, since many Ive been playing are unplayable above the 12-13th to me. The guitar I had played unfortunately, had no brand marks and seemed pretty custom. Any suggestions on decent models?

I play a lot of John Mayer type songs, if that helps.
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I dunno about any specifics, but i have the takamine gs300s and let me tell you, it sounds awesome. For $300 you cant go wrong.
The only suggestion I can make is to get a cutaway. It makes reaching frets above 12 very accessible, without sacrificing too much on tone. Though if you aren't really that serious don't spend over 400 on an acoustic. You can get guitars that sound just as good as a 1000 dollar guitar for like 350. It really just depends on the fit you have with your guitar.
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theres some good dean acoustics check them out, them grandpas' guitars( dethklok if u dont know why i said that)
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I wouldn't touch Dean or Ibanez. There are much better guitars out there. =X
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yeah im definitely looking for something thats got bang for not too much buck..maybe like the 400 range. But takamines i know are pretty nice...but definitely my biggest priority is the satin finish
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