Okay guys, I walked into a local guitar shop today to have a browse around and contemplate new amps... But I of cause couldn't help trying out a few guitars. Now I came across a Epiphone Korina 1958 Re-issue Explorer. Its in Ebony and has grovers and whatnot, but when I looked closer it has a DizMario (Sp?) X High output bridge humbucker... Now the guy at the shop says £220 for it, and the guitar tech wasn't in but has marked it at £299

Over here that all together would cost me (Guitar + PickUp) £400 roughly..

Its been gigged a fair bit and has a large chip in one of the wings, but I don't really mind that and she is a beauty...

So guys, Go for it in this festive season?

tl;dr Epi explorer + DizMario(sp) X for £220??


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If you want it then buy it, as for the price most guitar shops reduce the price so you think you're getting a bargain, they wouldn't reduce it if they wasn't allowed.
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i say go for it, sounds like a nice guitar man
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If it's the dimarzio I'm thinking of it's the same one that Chuck Shuldiner used, I never liked em but other people do. It's the dimarzio x2n pickup.


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lesson one - List Price

definition: a price marked at least 150 over what they expect you to pay...

commonly used as a sales tactic within the spend more save more logic.

Solution- gear is marked for 299 theywant 220, offer 150 + a solid kick in the ****
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