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If thats how much you're going to spend, try this out.


Pretty decent for the price. And i haven't heard about that guitar or even that company. Maybe once i've spoken about it. But look into this, it's mostly in every guitar center and i can say from experience that it's pretty sexy.

yea everyone knows Ibanez so you can prob trust that
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i'll prolly jus end up buyin another les paul lol

you cant go wrong with a lp
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The epi pauls in that price range suck to tell the truth.

trust me i know my LPs lol i own 7
ESP LTD's are pretty good, just don't get an ugly ass one with the weird body shape. Look for a superstrat model and change the pickups.
Seriously, like after i looked at it (it was in silver for like 300 with no humbucker covers) i wanted to shoot myself. Who would ever want to play that.