A new song, it goes in a different direction than the last one. There's some shifting between minor and harmonic minor that makes the solos sound quirky at times. Also, forgive the rough sounding cello VST, its the best free one I could get my hands on. I'm really looking for help and advice on the mix itself, but any comments are appreciated.

EDIT: Also, thanks for the crits from the last song. I really tried to bump up the rhythm guitar and tried to make the drums better. I spent a much longer time programming them, though I'm not sure its too noticeable.

As always C4C, thanks.

"Mask of Hector":
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****, how the hell do I crit this? It's obviously really good stuff. Odd how different it is from my favorite Floridian musician, JJ Grey.

So there's not much bad I can say about it. Mixes can always be better, but the composition and the performance are both excellent. Keep it up.
    Haha thank you very much for your critique, I had a good laugh about making the drums sound even worse on purpose. Now on to your recording, parts of the progression of the song really reminded me of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I liked the mellow bassline and I really loved the tone of the lead guitar that comes in at about 1:43, not to mention some really sweet phrasing. I wasn't really feeling the sudden dissonance at 2:13. It sounded a little out of place. You've got some really impressive technique. I loved the ascending riff at about 3:10 and the subsequent riff. It reminded me a little bit of Tony MacAlpine for some reason. The pickslide effect at 4:00 was really kickass, The double tracking toward the end gave it a really epic feel. Honestly though, I wish it didn't end the way it did, the cello was cool and all but I felt a little empty when the music suddenly stopped. Overall, kickass job, and thanks for the crit!
    Im with the first guy who commented, how do we critique this? Its pretty awsome. Im not personally a real fan of just instrumentals but this was, as I said, awsome. Did you play the cello? Lately I have had a fascination with that instrument, it just sounds so great. Your intro was superb. I am no expert when it comes to composition so I can not comment in that way very much, but again, overall its great!
    Haha I love the goofy evil progression and how it will go harmonically major sometimes only to dip immediately back into evil riffage, really cool. When i say goofy I dont mean bad, but more so just fun and entertaining. I really can't take music like this seriously like I do a band such as radiohead or wilco or something, but i do find it downright entertaining nonetheless. You've heard my music and should know we do this kind of stuff in our songs to an extent so I certainly dig this. My only complaint is there is nothing to really grip on to considering it just ended and I can't really recall any riffs from it. That and the playing isn't so godly that you can get away no memorable riffs in the way vai or satch could. THe playing is quite good though and I love when it breaks down around 3 minutes, total badassness. Maybe some better guitar tones and better drums? I dunno I agree it's hard to critique since it is indeed very good. Still as an artist I always like to hear whats wrong with something more then whats right (though a review made of all negativity is not often constructive). SO honestly, despite how good this is, it falls into a hugely overpopulated sound with nothing to seperate it. My only advice i guess is try to find an original edge to your sound (this statement based only on this one song). Still, outstanding. 8.5/10
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    silvadolla: actually I was thinking more "Sober" by Tool than "Kashmir" but they both have they heavy, slow chugging thing going on.

    Ulalume: no way, I did not play the Cello. Its a VST.

    zoso626: yeah I can get how there's not too much SUPER memorable (though there is actually a chorus thing repeated 3x) but I'm working on that. I think a lot of the slower lines would actually be vocals, but my singing and my recording interface for vocals are not up to snuff. Right now I do feel that its more like video game music (which is fine), but that's why I created that site, so I can figure out a more concise sound and experiment.

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!
    Great piece. Very evil sounding... nice playing. sounds like something from a mortal kombat flick. Nothing that I can really crit here so I'll just give u the great honour of a well deserved thumbs up.

    If have the time give a listen to my ****ty little song.

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    listening as I go. Cheesy but okay intro. Just sort of typical if you know what I mean. Cello thing isn't bad. about 1 minute in, and so far this hasn't really gripped me. Ok, leaded started. Interesting choice; I like the little "back and forth" thing. Love the somewhat quirky choices so far; keeps this from getting stale when it really easily could. Though, i must say the BG stuff so far is starting to get on my nerves... because its loudish, and very boring. Mostly the bass I guess; might EQ that down a bit so you still get that "drive" behind it, without making me notice you are playing the same damn thing over and over. Lead that comes in around 2:50 is solid; somewhat typical metal until the "waterfall" chord drop thing around 3:09. Like the transfer of BG sound around 3:20 using hte lead as a transfer section. piano is solid; as is the lead over it. You seem to thrive better in this slower style lead... I can feel it more... when you are rushing hte lead it doesn't sound as comfortable. The standalone lead around 4:30 is ok. Closing is as well.

    This didn't really wow me, but it is a solid bit of work. Just feels like a fairly standard song using dark progressions and a hi-gain lead type thing. Not bad... but not awe inspiring either if you know what I mean.

    Still I enjoyed it. Thanks for getting to mine.
    I liked the cello in the intro, it didn't sound as bad as you made it seem hah and as a melody it worked.
    I like the little melodic lead things you have going on up until the real lead comes in, the different repeating themes, etc. The drums are bugging me a bit, too loud and just not a very good sound or beat but that kind of comes with the territory.
    I do like the chord progression with the natural minor part. Your lead tones sounds best there as well and the little quirky things are cool.

    Harmonies are nice, but not anything too special or awe-inspiring.

    Overall it's a pretty decent song, as previously stated, with a lot of cool parts. Nothing in it really strikes me and it's not really memorable overall but it's definitely good. You definitely have a lot of potential.

    crit back?
    Really solid, tight.

    1. Experiment with building. The feel you've built to around 3:20 is real cool. Then it tapers off which is good, but bring it back around 4:20 when you start rising again. Make the minute inbetween less intense and the build more intense.

    2. Guitar swells in the opening minutes could be cool.

    3. keep writting music


    Pretty good

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    Enjoyed it really. I thought the guitar and all was good. What really caught my attention though is th way the drums and guitar interacted throughout. Thats what I like to hear though not every song deserves that, but this one did. I liked your soloing and I agree with starland with the "building block" he was speaking about. The string scrape was bad ass! Wasnt expecting it and I nearly fell out of chair when it came. Cool! Other than that, I liked it. Thanks for the opportu8nity to check this one out!