Received these in a trade recently. I plugged them in to see if they worked, everything sounds good so here they are! For prices I took 40% off the musicians friend price, seems fair.

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone- $52 Because you want to be more like Devi.

Boss DS-1- $23 Because you want to be more like Kurdt.

Marshall EH-1 Echohead Delay- $70 Setting i played with most: Tape Echo.

DOD Extreme Stereo Flanger- Can't find an original price on this one so.... $25?

Ibanez MSL Metal Screamer- Trades only. Pretty much the same as a TS-10 tube screamer. I guess it has some "fabled" JRC4558 opamp... check out the HC reviews for some more info on that, I already have a decent overdrive so I don't need this.

EHX Q-tron- Trades only.

-Devi Ever/Effector 13 US, KP, EB, OK, GZ, Godzilla, Super Tri-fuzz, YOTR, SM, Cherry Pop, something else?
-Cool EHX pedal(s). coughpolychoruscough
-Blue Box
-Fuzz. Fender Blender
-A smaller Amp

PM me with any offers,