I'm looking for a good distortion pedal to use with my crappy Fender Rumble 15 bass amp that came with my Squire bass. I've got another speaker wired into it just for a sound boost. I was looking to play some Death From Above 1979, but a general distortion as well. Can I just get a regular guitar distortion pedal? Because I've also got a Vox AD50VT that I might want to use it with.

And relatively cheap? I hear the Boss DS-1 is a little poopy. When I first used one, I had no ear for anything, so I don't remember what it was like.
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You could get one of Zooms MULTI fx pedals, and there are bass only ones too! You can get all kinds of dist ( i think ) and cleans and effects too
My friend has a rippin Boss MD-2. If its a bass pedal you want then its pretty heavy.