I would like to hereby ban all "search bar" responses because they are a waste of space as is the person posting it.

We know there is a search bar. Starting your own post gives higher visibility than a post on page 30 of a previous one. Everyone coming to this site has the concept down of what a search bar is and does or else they probably wouldn't have been able to register to post on the forums.

You search bar commenters are all about "as useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop"

Now how man smart$ass comments will i get sayin search bar? Let's find out It's only natural to try and annoy someone on the internet. I know i'd do it.
been done before, use the searchbar 08 noob.
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Meh, I usually just buy them off the local shaman, unless I'm in the wilderness, where I rely on raw meat to raise my HP.
Don't use your search bar. Your rant sucks, and so do any other rants like this.


ARe you going to make a thread about being reported now as well?