Hey everyone,
Im new here. I tried to search the forums, but came up a little short, so i thought id ask for my needs specifically, so here gos:
Ive built a pretty good home studio, all treated with Auralex. And i am having trouble getting that "wow" distorted guitar recording. I'm sure it must be mic placement and/or mic choice, or maybe my settings on my amp just are not right, but it seems like ive been trying different things that i've read forever, and just not quite getting it. So to start off the sound im trying to go for, (although i want it to be my own), some of my main influences are Tool, System of a down, Pinkfloyd, and even some heaver stuff like Mudvyane, Mushuga, Slipknot. You can kind of get and idea if where we are trying to go with our OLD mbox recordings that are on our myspace: www.TranscendingMaya.com
Anyway, i think you may get the idea. Kind of Nu'er Metal, but still good sounding to the "classic"ear. Anyway as far as set up go's, i have 2 guitars, a Schecter C1 classic, and Les Paul Standard. I have two amps, a Fender Twin reverb (for cleans), and a Mesa Roadster 1x12 combo, but i also have the Mesa 4x12 cab that i can run through too. Mics: I have some Sm57's, an Audix I5, a Sennheiser e609, some Audix drum mics, the shure kick mic, as well as sm58 and beta 58a, and then finally two Modified Oktava M-319's (from Oktavamod.com) that we use for drum overheads and vocals. It seems that I've tried every combination, and when ever i use the M-319's say, 3 or 4 feet back, with a 57 or something else up front, i get phasing that i cant seem to fix no matter how i move it. it gets better, but not gone. Anyway, sorry if this seems like too much info, but i always read that you cant give to much info so. Anyway, Thanks very much for anyone's help/tips that they can give me.
It's all about the amp you use then mic placement. Get the tone you want out of the amp, then sweep it to find the right sound.
Try the SM57 right off the cone, A tiny bit off axis. Turn up the mids, and turn the gain DOWN. I said it, DOWN. You don't need that much gain in recording to get a heavy guitar sound. Try it like this, also don't turn the bass up too high or it starts to sound cloudy and muddy. Most people cut anything under 120 in the mixing stage anyways.
bear in mind that many bands with the "wow" heavy guitars have them quad-tracked on the recording. use (way) less gain and record the rhythm guitar 4 times, pan 100%Left - 80%Left - 80%Right - 100% Right.

you need really low latency and a super tight guitar player for this to come put well.
if that doesn't go well, just go with double-tracked, 100%Left and 100%Right.

the Tool sound is a different affair though. i think it was the most recent album and/or lataralus that had one performance, sent to about 6 different high-end amps, each with a variety of mics and all that blended together to get the big wall of sound.
Yeah, definitely try using less gain. Too much gain is often the problem when trying to get a nice distorted guitar tone.
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