this probably is going to sound rather corny, but has anyone ever tried Press on Nails for fingerstyle? i never use a pick, but can accually keep nails either, they stay normal with a nylon string, but steel strings eat through them.

finger picks are a pain for me, so im looking at getting fake nails.

anyone ever just applied the fake nails you can buy at department stores etc?
John Butler uses them, you can see 'em clearly in the video for Ocean. If he can play like that and not have 'em fall off or break, then they look like a great tool. Give it a shot and report back!
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I read in an issue of Guitar World that you can use press-on nails for fingerpicking. So yeah, you should be alright.
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Steel strings eat through my nails too, but I use this stuff called "Nail Life" that makes them much harder. Downside to that is you have to apply daily, but I didn't want to mess with fake nails. Try them out and let us know how it goes!
A lot of really excellent fingerstyle guitarists use fake nails. My personal favourite guitarist, Antoine Dufour, is well known for doing so. He glues them to half his real nail and files them. I'm going to glue fakes on my ring and pinky finger soon as my middle and pointer nails are pretty long.
i like this idea a lot..
i can never grow out my nails but with fake nails i'll have no choice.

I'll probably try it out when i get my classical guitar
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