Sugapablo - Light of Day
Recorded live with single mono microphone in the pub.
Mono - VBR MP3 - 2.7MB http://www.sugapablo.com/mp3/sugapablo2008-11-11t3.mp3

I'm solo on stage. Singing, playing Fender CD60CE acoustic, and operating a Yamaha RM1x MIDI sequencer I programmed before the show (switching channels with a footswitch).


I woke up this morning in pain, you were nowhere to be found.
I found you there on the floor, to find that you were gagged and bound.
Tell me who did this, tell me who did this to my girl.
Speak to me baby now, tell me who did this to our world.

I left you there on the floor, to go and find this wicked man.
I hopped in my car and drove, I only hope you can understand.
Tell me I'll find him, tell me I'll find him on the run.
Cause if I don't now, I'll have to accept just what I've done.

Sirens done flash behind me, looks like they found their man.
It's all going by so quickly, how did this get so out of hand?
How did this happen, how bad did I hurt her yesterday?
Cause I need her to save me now, or I'll never again see the light of day.

C4C as always.
    The backing is really nice, the beat is very cool. It does get quite repetitive, but I think it works overall. I'll be honest, when I first saw the lyrics I almost didn't listen to the song, they seemed way to melodramatic for me. Listening to the song though, they fit far better than I imagined, and I'm glad you didn't go in a spooky, self-hate direction. I assume your using a backing track, adding and subtracting layers of rhythm for different sections of the song would really do wonders to make the song more interesting. Also, the end is way too abrupt, though it sound like you already recognize this. This is cool, and not something I hear on UG to much, nice job.

    C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1001793
    Yeah, the MIDI stuff is just **** I throw together quickly and rush up on stage with. One day, if I ever have time (two kids, wife, job, etc.) I'll make better stuff, but for now, it's just some loops I program (all from scratch) and change with my foot switch, just for added depth when I'm solo on stage.

    Thanks! Your crit is in the mail...