Anyone like them? They're never talked about on here. I didn't at first, but they totally grew on me. They have some sweet breakdowns, and good lyrics.

Anyone know if they're edge btw?
i actually checked them out because i didnt want to let the terrible name to make me miss out on some potentially good music.

to anyone in the same boat...dont do it.
you really don't know if they are straight edge? lol. the band is horrible. lame breakdowns, and thats really all it is. haha.
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Mah. They're good live. I saw them with the Acacia Strain, Protest the Hero, and All That Remains. Didn't know who they were at the time but I liked their energy.

I checked them out afterwards and they're incredibly boring recorded.
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theyre from around here. they used to play shows at the 4H building of my hometown
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My friend bought their CD and put it on my computer. The beginning to one of their songs has an open E breakdown with pinch harmonics, it is unbelievably tacky, yet hilarious. I also saw them once, they were bad, but I don't really get off on tough guy hardcore. They also have some of the worst lyrics I've ever read.