If anyone hasn't heard Chris's new work then listen to the single I believe he will release first at this link http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YrSqRfKhS4g

Seriously now, anyone who was/is a fan of Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave or Chris Cornell before now, are you going to buy this album? I've listened to some of the songs, and I have to say, they're totally wacky, I understand artists wanting to go into different and more challenging parts of music, but what is this? You'd think challenging meant something avant garde or unique, but he's now producing pop music, which sounds to be probably the least challenging genre of music there is, surely singing to a beat and a running melody isn't difficult, espeically with someone like Timbaland creating most of those things for you.

I think this is a post of bitterness, because quite honestly, I'm disappointed in Chris, not only is this music not very good for pretty much any musician/artist, but it's hard to listen some old favourites from other bands, without this miserable image of the new Cornell popping into my head, it's crazy!

I just want your opinion on all of this, any old fans like this new materal, and do you think he'll get any new young fans in this music project? (Please make note that he's now 44 years old, and a lot of people who like pop music, are bothered by 40+ people that don't have a unique image).


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I think this is a post of bitterness, because quite honestly, I'm disappointed in Chris

Well, I'm sure now that he knows you disapprove, he'll stop making music and pull his records from the shelves.

Honestly - I don't like it either, but stop whining.
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I really liked one song, I think its the hidden track. Two Drink Minimum, granted it was a blues song, had some nice harmonica and guitar stuff. Other than that everything I've heard blows.
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Yeah, I miss the Jesus Christ Pose and Gun Chris Cornell, too, but there's already a thread on him.


Take it here:
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Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden were legendary, Audioslave was good, his solo work was pretty good too, but i do agree that this new sh!t is well........sh!t
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