first off, i despise most deathcore, im more of a death metal guy, but that really wasnt actually that bad. most of the riffs were good and the breakdown was at least slightly interesting, at least more so than the average deathcore breakdown. the solo was really weird and didnt fit in with the rest of the song, i dont like how it just slowed down and went quite like that. you might want to work on that.

7/10, needs work but still good got potential, as long as you dont put some god awful pig squealing over the top of it hahaha

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I feel bad for critting this because this isn't my type of music, at all.

But judging on this, the riffs seem fairly derivative and generic. The only part I actually enjoyed was the harm. minor section... and that's probably because it sounded almost like black metal. There's really not much to crit here, this is pretty much just an average song. Then again, it's not my thing, so hey.
I'd like to start this off and say that death anything just isn't my style of metal, but I still enjoyed this somehow.

However, some things did sound weird. Like the palm mutes in the sections labled 'thrash'. Only one string was muted...and I bet this was intentional, but it just didn't ring right to me. The melodic parts were fantastic though. It's got a few kinks here and there, but otherwise it's a good song for its genre.

Crit mine?
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As much as I don't like breakdowns, I'll give a breakdown analysis crit.

-I liked the intro melody. And that verse riff was pretty good.
-The breakdown at bar 20 is, ugh. I do not want.
-Bar 25-28 has a cool run. Reminds of AGATG.
-34-39 was good. I liked the sliding bass.
-41-43 finally, not a chugging breakdown.
-Higher melody was good, and I like the return to the heavy riffs.

You should work on the ending. It was too bland.
Throw in an outro riff or keep the same riffs and throw a disgusting melody on top of them.
The end needs a lot of work. It kills the montetum this song had in one fell swoop.


Try out my Lycotrope song. You'll probably like that.
I need to work on the ending of that song as well.