I was just wondering if anyone has ever played one of these and how they liked it.... I tried one out today and am considering buying it. Judging by the reviews it is a pretty good guitar but i just want another opinion. Thanks!
Well to be honest all that matters is that you like it. If you played it and thought it was good than thats all the matters. I've never had any experience with the Alleykat but I have played many epiphones and they are all quality guitars for the price.
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have you tried the wildkat?

no...but i have seen pictures of them and i wouldnt really use that bar anyways....
Great guitars. You should definately buy one.

Great necks, slim and fast. Mini humbucker in neck sounds really nice. It cuts through better and doesn't get flubby like a lot of neck humbuckers. The bridge pickup isn't bad either. Stays in tune too, that's a plus.
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