Where is a good place to research pickups? I'm considering upgrading the ones in my C1+, but don't know where to start. Also, if anyone can reccomend me some, that would be good. I'm looking for a heavier tone out of the bridge, and one more geared for blues on the neck, but still sound good distorted. The current pups are the Duncan Designed stock pups.

look at the GFS pickups on there. i replaced the stock pickups in my wesley with the zebra crunchy pafs and theyre awesome for cleans and distortion, and the hot rails are awesome for distortion.

hope they help

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I switched out the duncan designed pups on my C1+ for a seymour duncan JB/Jazz combo. It sounds magnificent now, especially with the bone nut I had made for it.

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Bare Knuckles.


Try the Nailbomb in the bridge and one of the Vintage Hot range in the neck.

There is a small group of us on here that preach Bare Knuckle at every given opportunity and if you try them out, you'll see why. Tone machines through and through.

If you can't stretch, the classic Duncan JB and Jazz combo will serve your needs best.
my personal favorite combo is

bridge pup - Dimarzio D-sonic
neck pup - Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell

the D-sonic can get heavy as hell and it also cleans up very good. The humbucker from hell is incredible. It is very bright and articulate. Sounds great clean and distorted. It is very bluesy.
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