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I am just wondering if and who considers U2 classic rock? A local poll I have recently seen was comparing classic rock bands and it seems they consider U2 classic Rock? U2 was in turn being compared to Pink Floyd. Anyway I am not asking for a poll of who is better, or any negative comments against either band mentioned above, I am just asking if anyone thinks U2 should have been considered "classic rock"!?

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no i dont think they're classic rock i dont even consider them rock
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no. period. i have like 7 albums from U2 so i know what i'm talking about... they make good music in different styles and with lots of variations and experiments, but they are no classic rock.
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If they started before 1984 then they're considered classic rock by UG. Doesn't really "sound" like classic rock to me but meh.
According to UG, they are.

But there are plenty of other definitions of what "classic rock" is, so it can go either way I guess.
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First studio album was 1980, so by the rules here in the Classic Rock forum, yes they are.


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