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esp ltd ex-400
11 85%
dean dime-o-flame
2 15%
Voters: 13.
so i'm getting a new guitar, either the dime-o-flame or the ex-400
i'm asking which guitar would be better for playing metal/heavy metal/clean
i don't really have an opinion on the ex-400 because i haven't gotten to play it
i did play the ex-260 which was pretty good, and i know how emg's sound better than what was on there. and i have played the dime, and i love that guitar, but the locking nut confused me, and made it harder to play the first fret
so i'd like to get some opinions on which i should get
Get the ESP. IMO, it's better. Solid and more reliable. Plus, yes, no lockin nut and trem. I hate trems. But again, that's my opinion.

If you want a Dean ML (the model that the dime-o-flage is based off), just get the original model.
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Go for the ESP/LTD for sure.

You're paying too much for what that Dean is worth. Better off spending your money on a guitar that's actually worth it.

You're paying out of your ass for a fancy finish and a Dime badge.
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You should get an Edwards EX...
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