At the moment, live, I'm using a chorus, delay, tremolo, (soon to add a flanger), tuner pedal and wireless system. Up until now I've been pretty lazy and it's all gone in to the front of the amp (as until recently I didn't really use any effects apart from clean/distortion), but I'm going to start setting up an effects loop, but I'm a bit unsure about the tuner (and wireless).

I've heard that putting a tuner in an effects loop can give off weird readings, so if the effects go through the loop, is the best thing to run the tuner through the loop also with the wireless going into the front of the amp, or take the tuner out of the loop and then have the wireless going into the tuner and then into the front of the amp?

Is there a 'done thing' when it comes to this, as I also want to avoid having the wireless receiver on the pedal board in case it gets damaged, but I never really see anyone with a receiver/tuner on top of their amp!

Cheers guys.
You will probably want your guitar directly into your wireless sytem, then from the receiver to the tuner. After that, you can decide to go to your amp and use the effects loop for the rest.

Basically what the effects loop does is run the signal you give it through the preamp, and then give you a chance to throw in effects before power amp. You will want certain effects, like a tuner, in front of your preamp. Other effects, like a wah for example would work either way but have a much larger presence after preamp. Things like recorders and loop stations should be after the preamp, that way it records a pre-amped signal and delivers it straight to your poweramp.

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