Ive found a Harley Benton amp in a Cash Converters in the UK (Pawn shop). Im looking for a good amp to put my effects through for gigging but not spend an absolute load. Ive looked on the thomman.de site and cant find the amp, so I think its discontinued ...

Anyway its 120W combo ... cant tell if its tube or SS ... but its big! it was atleast double the size of the marshall mg100fx that was next to it. Most importantly it was only £80.

It had two channels, clean and overdriven ... bass, mid, treble, presence, master and gain.

Does anyone have any experience with Harley Benton amps ? I would quite like to purchase this ... am I right in saying they use Celestion speakers ?

Reckon its worth a chance ?
Yeah I didnt get the chance to ... the security guards were giving me dodgy looks lol plus I was running late for an appointment.
i'm guessing it's solid state... harley benton stuff is pretty cheap, i haven't tried them but i don't think i'd give £80 for one unless you're absolutely desperate for an amp for gigging and it's either the HB or nothing.
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