I love the Briefs--I've seen them three times and met them twice. What a fantastic band. Their new band, the Cute Lepers, have their moments, but I feel like something's missing. It's a good album, just not great, I guess.
I know Jordan and Christina dig the Briefs--they both contributed to a thread I made on them a year ago or something.
I enjoy the Briefs
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I looooove the briefs.

I also picked up a Cute Lepers album at random because I though it looked cool. I didn't even realized they had members of the briefs at the time. It's really awesome.

I hang out with some people who are in a powerpop band and they all love stuff like that.
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There will always be a special place in my heart for the briefs.
I wish I was in the briefs =(
Yeah they are pretty good. I saw them with the Misfits in Norwich and they were great. Better live than on recordings though I would say.
The Breifs played with The Misfits? Haha, that's a weird combo.
I've been known to very loudly sing 'Stuck On You' in a drunken rage on several occasions all of which I don't recall.
Hit After Hit is a really solid album. Too bad theyve only got one other decent album.
i never saw the briefs, but got to see the lepers, the show wasn't that great, but steve was pretty cool to talk to.