I've recently had the opportunity to purchase the original Ibanez AD-80 delay pedal for about $200 but I would like some opinions as to whether it is really worth it these days? The reason I ask is because of all the great delay pedals out there in the $200 range and the fact this is vintage equipment where parts are hard to find.

I have been doing a lot of research into delay pedals recently and I have narrowed down my search to either a Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai or the Line 6 DL4 but since the AD-80 came up I think it could be a nice addition.

Any opinions?
Its analog, make sure you like Analog. If you do, you should track down a Boss DM-2 instead, thats the unsung king of analog delays.
It is all on how you plan to use the delay really and the preference of tonal qualities. Are you going to be using it for a long, drawn out, droning, spacey effect and lots of features or just to add some substance to solos and simplicity?

For option 1 I'd go for digital and for 2 go analog. Also, try everything on your list. That is the best way to see what you really want.
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Thanks for the advice! I've heard many good things about the dm-2 but have yet to play around with it but the simple break down of what to look for will be very useful.