hi ive been looking at tabs on here for quite a while but have never submitted one , so i just spent the last couple of hours putting one down on paper , so how do i get it from paper onto this site.
any help would be much appretiated.
Well, on paper ain't gonna help us, you need to type it out, or use a program that allows you to manually insert tab. I personally am really slow at both ways, so I have yet to submit anything.
anybody know where i can find a program to do the job and how i submit the tab as im computer illiterate.
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anybody know where i can find a program to do the job and how i submit the tab as im computer illiterate.
i really doubt you'll find a program to convert a handwritten tab to a text file.

just type into a text file and upload the file through tab submission.

here's a great article, written by the nicest UGer:

A Beginner's Guide To Making Tabs And Chords


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i think i must have been misunderstood i know how to write tab
ive printed out a tab sheet and handwritten all the the frets , breaks,
bar lines etc etc but i cant work out how to submit this.
i click onto the submit tab part and get the give info page for song name
band name etc then below is the big box to put in the info and tab.
where do i go from here .
you gotta type it out

for example


Thats a basic major chord on bass.
cheers all i got it now , ive put a template into my notepad or word or whatever its called and im filling it in.
might be back for more info when i try to upload it though but i gotta finish it first.

by the way its john denvers annies song and there isnt a finger picking tab on here its just the chords but dont get exited its taken me longer to write it and type it than to work out a finger pick for it . in fact it took longer to type this post than it took to work out a finger pick for it.
cheers all again
thanks to all , ive just submitted my first tab and was really easy (apart from the typing bit) just waiting now with fingers crossed for my work to be set in stone.
thanks again .