so this girl at my school is pretty and she always like, talks to me and wants to be around me and walks to class with me, but I don't want to ask her out untill I am pretty sure she likes me... what do you dudes think?
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She probably just thinks you're a good mate. Also known as friendzone.
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No, your a failure

Nobody wants failures... GTFO MAH INTERNETZ!!!!

No, but seriously, dont be a pussy, ask her out.
Maybe she likes you as a friend.
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relationship Thread

if you want a serious answer
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Nice bum >.> <.<
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Grab her ass.

Goodnight Sweet Prince

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i'm just going to go ahead and state the obvious...
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Mayhap she's screening you for her MOTHER!
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Yes she does.

Its pretty obvious, ****ing wish it was always that obvious mate. You're a lucky bastard.