so i just got a new amp(peavey vypyr 30) and for some reason i hav started playing some metal so i was thinking about gettin a new guitar.
now i hav an epi les paul standard plus and i think i could get a much better sound for metal if i had a schecter or a ibanez maybe.
i could upgrade pickups on my les paul but i still play some rock and blues so i dont exactly want EMGs.
if any1 understands this suggestions would be great
Your epi paul should be completley fine for metal, unless you want something with 24 frets, then yea u should consider changing.
It's fine. Listen, the bridge HB has to be F-spaced/Trembucker. I'm gonna say that a high output pickup on the bridge and a moderate output (I'd suggest a Duncan Jazz in the neck) humbucker in the neck
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