CSI: Rwanda.
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Mr. La Fritz's Mystical Adventures Part One: Someone Killed Someone.


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generic contrived cop show ripped of of TNT with underage actors that totally undermine the credibility of the show.

I have no opinion on this matter.
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Boston Legal or Bobby's World.

Bobby's world is a cartoon.
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Bobby's world is a cartoon.

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Run with it, it'll catch on. Blatantly obvious titles are what's in right now.
What kind of a cop show? What separates it from the rest?
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It's fast paced, other that that. here. BE mindful this is not all my work. Transformation

In order to transform this piece of literature into a weekly episode series, we had to make many changes. One thing we changed was the characters names. Beowulf’s name in the series of television episodes is Bobby and Wiglaf’s name is Will. Grendel’s new name for this series will be Greg and his mom will be Momma. Hrothgar will now go by the name Ralph and Higlac will go by Harry.
Bobby will play the role of a cop that has just graduated not to long ago; Greg will be in a gang that is led by his mother. Ralph is the police chief and Harry is also a cop, but he is secretly in the gang with Greg and the only one that knows is Bobby. Harry was the only family Bobby had and is very upset when he finds out that Harry had turned on him. So throughout this series, Bobby will spend the time in search of his uncle Harry and try to catch him. This series will be emotional to some and fearful for others with a lot of action.
In order to make this series last, each episode will have something important happen. For example, the first episode will be when Bobby graduates from the police academy and officially becomes a cop. That episode will end with Bobby finding out that he was in the gang and it will leave people anxious to see what happens. They will wait and want to watch the next episode to see what Bobby will do about finding out that his uncle (who was also a cop) was in a gang and up to no good. Another episode will end with Bobby getting shot and it will not show until the next episode if he ends up being ok or not.
This series of television episodes had all happened in present day. For that, we made this series take place in Boston. We chose present day because most people would be attracted to watch a present day show rather than an old black and white show. Many people think those old shows are boring and we want our series to last at least up to twenty-six episodes. We chose the location to be Boston because we don’t know many shows to take place there and we wanted it to be different than other shows. Boston is also a popular place for most and a well-known location. Because this series takes place in present day, the weapons the characters used had to be changed. Instead of using swords and shields, the characters use different kinds of guns and grenades.

Character Back Stories
Beowulf: Newly graduated from the police academy. Has problems with his Uncle “Higlac” who raised him but also had conflicts with Beowulf’s mother. He has a very rough personality, not a very sensitive person. He just wants to get things done, but doesn’t always follow the rules in getting those things done, he also has a very fiery temper.
Wiglaf: Long time friend of Beowulf. More of a reasoning person compared to Beowulf. He is not a police officer, but helps with Beowulf’s cases in gathering information with computers and things of that nature. He is the only person Beowulf truly trusts.
Hrothgar : Chief of Police, has to clean up Beowulf’s messes most of the time. Believes Beowulf is a good cop just gets a little out of control at times. Hrothgar has a cool temper and is very level headed about everything.

Grendel’s Mother: Leader of an organized crime group. She is very notorious throughout the Boston area. She runs everything efficiently making it hard to pin her with any crimes at all. She is only the organizer of crimes has her people commit them.
Grendel: Completely crazy due to things he has seen in his childhood. Kills anyone and everyone he wants. Only person that is able to control him is his mother. He is known to be brutal with his murders.
Higlac: Uncle of Beowulf, and also his guardian for most of his childhood. Person who took Beowulf in after mother ran out due to problems with Grendels gang. Raised Beowulf in a very rough neighborhood, wasn’t the best guardian ever.


Bobby is busy at work and it is getting close to Christmas time. He doesn’t have much of a family but he treats Will and his family as his own family. So he will be spending the holiday with them but his work is very important to him and it is not done yet. He decides to take a break from work for Christmas but he wanted to do some Christmas shopping for Will’s family. He is rushing around town in search for the perfect gifts and he thought he had spotted Harry. He made a second glance, but the man was gone. He started walking toward where he saw the man but there was no sign of him. He just stood there and looked around. As he turned his head, he spotted Harry getting into a black car with tinted black windows. Bobby went and got into his car and followed the black car. It led to an old building that seemed to be abandoned. Bobby got out of the car to follow Harry as he was walking towards the building, but someone from the gang had spotted him and shot at him. He quickly grabbed his gun and shot back but it was too late, he had already taken a bullet to his shoulder. Will had been with Bobby so he jumped in the driver seat and rushed Bobby to the hospital. Bobby was taken right away to a room once they go to the hospital and Will waited anxiously in the waiting room. Will had an idea that Bobby would not be strong enough and would have to spend time in the hospital. As soon as the nurse came out and told Will he could go see Bobby he immediately asked if he was going to be ok and she replied with the answer, “He will be fine but he will just have to spend some time in the hospital to recover from the damage of the bullet. That means he will not be out in time for Christmas.” Will spent some time in next to Bobby while he was lying in the hospital bed even though he was still sleeping from the medicine. When Will made it back home, he had informed his family of the tragedy that had just happened. They felt terrible about it and they decided to bring their Christmas gathering to the hospital were Bobby was. So instead of Bobby going to Will’s for Christmas, they brought Christmas to Bobby in the hospital. Bobby was so shocked but happy and thankful they had done that just for him. He had thanked Will’s family so many times for being with him for Christmas because the last thing Bobby wanted to do was to spend Christmas alone. Bobby ended up being fine and had gotten out of the hospital a few days after. He was back to work in no time.

Coping with Death Special
Part 1
The episode starts off with a flash back of a conflict between Beowulf’s mother and his uncle, at the end of the conflict Beowulf’s mother runs out of the room hysterical. It then flashes to Beowulf waking up sweating to the sound of his phone ringing. It’s Wiglaf on the other end apologizing for waking him but says he has something very important for Beowulf to see. As Beowulf is travelling to Wiglafs he tries to remember what the conflict in the dream was about but it doesn’t come to mind at all. When he arrives at Wiglaf’s he goes right in, Wiglaf then leads him over to a mess of computer monitors and tells him to take a look. The monitor displays a picture of Beowulf’s mother , Wiglaf explains that his mother had been in trouble with the mob that Beowulf is working so hard to try and bring down. Wiglaf then says her body was never recovered, Beowulf upset storms out of Wiglafs place and speeds off.
Part 2
The episode then flashes to Beowulf in a speeding car completely fuming with anger. He drives to the nearest place where he knows members of the gang hang out. When he arrives at the location in a fit of rage he storms in and starts firing his guns .
When it all ends Beowulf was paying enough attention to know to leave 1 person alive for information. He then begins violently interrogating the man. Soon after he cracks and spills information about the location where they keep corpses. When Beowulf was satisfied with the information he has retrieved he finishes the guy off and heads for his next location.
Part 3
Beowulf arrives at the location he was told where they kept corpses. He decides to try doing this a little more peacefully. He heads to the door of the old dock warehouse. Before he was able to knock on the door, Higlac appears from behind and tells him that nothing good lies behind that door and that Beowulf should just go back now. As Higlac turns away to leave, Beowulf shrugs it off determined to find his mother, and give her a proper burial. Beowulf proceeds and knocks on the door, as he does a metal slider opens revealing 2 eyes, before Beowulf could say anything the man yells police and starts firing his weapons.
After the chaos Beowulf see’s a freezer door, afraid about whats on the other side but determined he opens the door. Greeted by several pale blue bodies hanging like meat on hooks. He starts reading the tags, he finds the one marked as his mother. Just before going into a fit of rage, Higlac appears in the doorway of the freezer. He begins to explain what happened to his mother. After hearing what had happened he takes his mother and arranges a proper burial. After the funeral he stood at the grave for a while, as he stood there just thinking the contents of the conflict in his dream swarm over his mind. *FLASH BACK* the image is the same as the dream in the beginning. The difference is this time you can hear what is said. Higlac warns Beowulf’s mother about her being in trouble with the mob and says she needs to pay the money she owes or start running and leave everything behind including her son. Beowulf’s mother says that she just doesn’t have the money, Higlac replies with “well start running” . As he says that Beowulf’s mother runs out of the room ending the episode.

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CSI: Rwanda.

That's awsome.
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Boston Legal

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Sounds like something a 15-year old wrote.. Oh wai-
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Sounds like something a 15-year old wrote.. Oh wai-

If we had the time to develop our ideas more. We have had about 5 hours together. And 1 of our groupmates wasn't there the whole project. And I'm the youngest kid in the class, and the 2nd youngest in my grade. Idk how that is relevant.