What should I get a Boss delay pedal or Loop pedal? I CANT DECIDE! I know theirs the dual pedal dd-20, but I think i'd rather get the loop seperate a. If I get a delay pedal its the dd3 or dd6 or dd7.

I know their in a range of prices.

what are you trying to do? Loop will allow you to play over yourself essentially, while the delay is simply adding delay to your sound

also, Boss is not the only option to look at

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Are you in a band? if not maybe you would like the loop pedal to jam with yourself. Actually in the long run having yourself to jam with could help you improve your improvisation and give you a hand getting an ear for different scales and how they work so it seems like a better choice at the moment. A delay is a cool a effect but the loop can be a really helpful tool for your learning and adding a second guitar in a band situation.
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