k so, i was saving up to buy a roland cube 60 with my own money, but the hole U.S. thing is screwing over the prices so i am possibly getting a roland cube 30/30x for x-mas. anyways, so since i am getting the 30x, i will save up my money for a new guitar, i have roughly (CND) $475, my grandmother will most likely be sending me money as i asked for a cheap guitar but she said shed just give me the money, so possibly maybe 100 bucks. my grandfather on my mothers side, always spoils me and im only asking for money, so maybe 100 bucks or more. so have a little list of guitars i plan to own when i die, that list has a strat, gibson explorer, warlock, a rhoads v (RR3) and a king V. so i was wondering, should i save up and get one of my dream guitar rhoads RR3? or get the other dream guitar JS30KV?, eaitehr way i will be happy, and will most likly get both by the end of 2009.

tl;dr, i will have maybe around 675 bucks by x-mas, and i NEED a new guitar ASAP, so JS30KV or save for a while and get an RR3?
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The end of 2009 is a long way away, I'd get your dream guitar first, or get a job and get them both sooner.
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