ive been playing guitar since feburary and ive tooken lessons from the same teacher hes really cool but anyways my mom says that she might not be able to afford lessons anymore(because my parents are devoriced) so i have a neighbor who plays full time and shes goin see if he can teach me a little but if he cant what are some ways you learn w/o teacher like music theory i can get tabs off the internet but i wanna learn everything, or i wanna know if self teaching books are good and if u know any i could buy

don't buy lesson videos, they suck.
I taught myself theory with the internet
don't buy into those "Become a virtuoso, NOW!!!" advertisements you see, they don't work either.
Live, Love, Breathe guitar... if you want it bad enough you can be a really great self taught guitarist. even if it takes some sacrifice don't give up.
Lessons, both here and elsewhere on the interwebz are adequite in the short-term. Depending on you age i would get a job and pay for my own lessons, or even get some from a friend etc. I only used one book, it was years ago and I wasn't at the stage of wanting to learn everything, so I didn't use it but they could perhaps be useful.

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just learn your scales and chords. then forget it all and learn everything from tabs. thats how i did it.
There are a lot of resources on the web to help you out. You can find some good beginners lessons at http://guitarboost.com/lessons/.

Some other tips:
-search youtube for videos
-play with a friend that knows guitar so you don't develop bad habits
-play every day, even if it's for a few minutes
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www.justinguitar.com has some nice, free, lesson plans for the beginner. You can suppliment that with some demostrations of technique from Youtube. I would also recommend some of the established method for beginners books out there. Hal Leonard, Mel Bay and Guitar for Dummies are really nice and can be purchased separately for less than the price of a single lesson.
dude, buying guitar lesson videos and books and stuff like the, in my opinion, is a waste of money. sure you can learn a few things but you can learn the same stuff on you own. what did people do before lessons? they learned by themselves. i started playing guitar a couple years ago, and at first i was all like, god, theres so many things i gotta learn, what things will help me the best? and i learned that just jamming with buddies who play guitar, you'll learn alot of ****. but if yu really wnt lessos www.justinguitar.com is a good place to get like beginner lessons and stuff.
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what did people do before lessons? they learned by taking lessons and playing with others.


The guitar has been around longer than the internet
Ive taught myself for about a year and a half Im gonna hopefully start lessons soon, I think lessons are always good at some point when youre learning
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Get some tab books of your favorite bands. This will show you tunings and effects. Get a couple of books to learn about your favorite bads. After that, just really listen to the guitar in your favorite songs and try to emulate this. It takes time, but it is a labor of love.