I deleted a few pictures about a year ago and I really, really need them (no, they're not pr0n). I've used "FreeUndelete" but it can't find them. It's possible they've been written over but I want to try everything. What is my best option?
A year ago?

to late me.. you could boil your harddrive to make the platers expand a bit and you might be able to get the data back.. I doubt it though.
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You'll need one of these.
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A year ago? I'm pretty sure the 'deleted' pictures' data has been overwritten. But for recently deleted files, search 'data recovery live cds'. If you have some knowledge with the linux command line, there are some pretty neat recovery discs available where you can make a complete copy of your hard drive and search for data fragments on that or even use a USB drive to copy the data on to that.
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You'll need one of these.

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it's probably been written over too many times, my a data recovery expert could do it but that would cost a ****load and there's a pretty good chance that it's permanently gone.
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