Im currently trying to improve my alternate picking.
Anybody got any songs I could practice to help improve this technique
I play mostly metal by the way and at the moment im using that cool bit from emerald by thin lizzy to practice.
Aint Talking About Love by Van Halen.Alter Pick that and it should sound right and help your ability,and if you mean Tremolo Picking or"speed picking" play a run on the B like B---5---7----9---10---12
some ppl confuse tremolo/speed with alternate.
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just play scales up and down the neck, make sure its accurate, and even spacing between notes and smooth
use a metronome to help u get faster, then u can play mostly any song which requires alt picking

it might seem boring but
it pays man, it pays
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Scarified by Racer X is the ultimate alternate picking exercise!

lol yer i am half way thru that now, but it seems the string skipping seems the main hard part in that song