I just realized I'm a pathetic boyfriend. I called my woman up and asked her how much she liked this other fella in my class (he's a bigger guy and a good friend, but lonesome) and she said that she and him got along pretty well, and then I said something like they'd be good together, and she said what are you trying to say, and I said maybe you'd like to hang out with him sometime alone? and she changed the subject and said she didn't like where our relationship was going and.... yeah....

why does this always happen to me when I'm trying to help other people?

and do you really think it's worth it to date people in high school, or should i just wait till college to have a real relationship? I didn't really like my girlfriend in the first place anyway... Or maybe I'm just rationalizing...
lol ur the guy that wanted to lend his girl to a friend right?
epic lulz
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over the phone, sorry to hear that man, ive being there.. people are going to tell you to go to the relationship thread
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Ugh not you again.

It's your own fault for being awful. Yeah, that's right, you were terrible.

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.