There's a chance they might not belong in the right section, but they're sound has so many different elements it's hard to categorize them, so I felt this was the best place for them. Anyway, I recently got Laughing Stock, and it's transcendant. It's a perfect mix of rock, jazz, classical, and ambient that is impossible to put into words how downright amazing it is. Although I never really hear anyone talk (no pun intended) about them. Are there any other fans here?
Great band, but not found of their new wave material obviously. Basically all post rock bands take influence from this band whether they know it or not.
12 fret fury
i like them, i've had spirit of eden for awhile and really enjoy that one. my friend just gave me laughing stock but i haven't had a chance to listen to it fully all seems pretty great though.
I own Laughing Stock and like it.. sorry I can't start a discussion.
Excellent band. One of the greatest bands of all time, really. Even their pop hits were good for what they were.
their last three albums are astoundingly great.

word on the street is that Mark Hollis' solo album is just as...can someone confirm this?
^ i don't really like it anywhere near as much as talk talk but to be fair i haven't given it a lot of time.
If you can lay hands on it, the live album from their last concert in London -- called London, 1986, is stellar.
You may be all thumbs, but you need them to play.