My band's got an outdoor gig on November 29th at the local skate park. It's gonna be like, 30 degrees.

Anyone got any ideas how to stay warm in between songs?
dude, take gloves. for sure

and since no one has mentioned it....

.....fap (without the gloves)

also: portable heater/bonfire?
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Why would you even play an outdoor gig when it's going to be below freezing out?
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disposable hand warmers definitely... or a propane sunflower heater thing.
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large pyrotechnics

just dont pull a "hetfield" and get burned

edit: or take the hendrixian route and set ur guitar ablaze

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your two biggest concerns are your fingertips and your guitar itself

bring gloves with cut off fingertips and keep your hand in your pockets for as long as possible before the show and between songs. practice with the gloves or you'll **** up all your parts.

if possible, cool your guitar down gradually to the outside temperature as opposed to bringing it from inside directly out, which probably means a 30-40 degree drop. unless you do this, your guitar will detune very fast and may even be damaged

wear a hat, the human body loses 80% of its heat from the head
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Make sure you warmup your hands since I presume you will be playing guitar. Warmup exercises are literally meant to "warmup" your hands.
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Why would you even play an outdoor gig when it's going to be below freezing out?

Seriously, you're gonna have cold hands causing you to play like **** and you might hurt your instruments.
Do you americans not have Jackets or something?
I once played a show wearing a one-piece wolly underneath a parka and snowpants.
my guitar cracked, though.
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Wear a coat before hand until you play, wear gloves until you are warming your playing up, make sure you're guitar is in a warm place as possible to avoid tuning problems
Taken from another thread, (Gather 'round kiddies, it's STORYTIME!) but this concerns the coldest gig I ever did.

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Years ago I was playing bass in a blues band called Bad Habits and we got booked to play a biker's party organised by a bike club called 'The Now & Then M.C.C.'
Their back patch design was actualy an armchair with death's head type wings on.
Anyhow, this gig was in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, which is stony, hilly, barren countryside, fit for nothing but raising sheep, but most importantly it's at quite a high altitude. And it was the middle of December.
Anyhow, we arrived at the gig, which as it turned up was in a massive stone barn. We actualy drove our van through the door and right up to the stage, which as it happened was the barn's hay loft, about 20ft up the wall at one end of the barn.
That was problem number one. We had to get all our gear into the stage up ladders.
Problem number two. Our singer had virtigo and was afraid of hights and couldn't possibly climb the ladder himself, so our guitarist, who was a builder by trade, had to carry him, fireman style, up the ladder while he shut his eyes and cried like a baby all the way up. (Imagine this in front of all these rough, tough bikers. ) Then once we'd soundchecked, he had to be carried down again.

Anyhow, it was bloody freezing, there was no heating and these bikers had organised all these party games so we said we'd join in to keep warm and enamour ourselves with the audience a bit before we hit the stage.

There was the tug 'o' war, which we won. (I was working as a blacksmith's apprentice, our guitarist was a builder, our drummer was a professional rock climber and our singer was a gym instructor, every one of us was in top physical shape in those days)

Then the bungee run. You were fastened to a wall with a long bungee rope and you had to try and get as far away from the wall as possible, stretching the bungee as you go.
Our drummer won that, as a professional rock climber, his fingers were incredibly strong so he just dug his fingers into the ground and dragged himself along.
BTW, he's the guy who lost his drum kit out the back of the van on the way home in post #188 of this thread.

Then there was the disgusting eating contest, myself and four bikers were lined up and given a spoon each and a bowl that contained porridge, rice pudding, raw eggs, (with the shells crunched up and thrown in) ketchup, brown sauce, salt, pepper, vinegar, more brown sauce and maple syrup.
First to empty their bowl won, so when they said 'go' I threw the spoon over my shoulder and just drank the contents of the bowl as fast as I could.
Meanwhile everyone else had tasted theirs and were struggling, so I took one guy's bowl and finished it off for him. (It was absolutely revolting, but it was worth it just to see their faces.)
I won easily.

Then there was the team drinking relay. You stand in a line with your pint of beer at your feet, the first guy in the line has to pick up his beer, drink it in one go, then place the glass back on the floor. As soon as he puts his glass on the floor, the next man in the line can then do the same, and so on until the last man in the line had has placed his empty glass on the floor.
We won that too.

Then they had something similar to a wet t-shirt contest, only it was a wet underpants contest. I entered it because, frankly, I was pissed by now and up for absolutely anything.
So there's this line of guys with me on the end and this lovely young lady with a watering can. As she went along the line, you had to drop your trousers and allow her to water the front of your undies, and there was a panel of three biker chicks who all had score cards. Anyhow when she came to me, I dropped my pants and that's when I realised, I was going commando.
I got full points.
Either as a team or individualy, Bad Habits had won every single game that night.

The gig itself (once we got the singer up there again) was great, but the funniest thing was that it started snowing really hard outside and there was a great big hole in the roof right above the drummer.
He looked like a Christmas snow globe.

My point being, by the time we hit the stage, we'd all been pretty active all night and although it was really cold, non of us struggled in any way.
The worst thing you can do is to sit still and wait for your stagecall, so try to stay active, dance around to any other bands or music that may be playing, go for a jog, challenge the rest of the band to a situps contest, that kinda stuff.
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