Does anyone own one of these?
I was thinking about buying one, but I'd like to know more about it.
How well does it control, how well does it sound, how does the divebomb sound, etc.
I know Tom Morello uses this a lot as well.
the new one has a divebomb..2 octaves up or down..1 octave up or down..detune function and drop tune and harmonizer. they're pretty useful especially for ratm stuff and if u dont have a whammy bar
I use mine alot, especially the 'detune' function to quickly go between E and Eb and D Standard. The harmonizers are a nice bonus too.
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I have one and I love it.

Especially when playing live.
Alot of the features can get the crowd going if they're paying attention to you guys playing =]

I really like the divebomb feature since I'm a Les Paul player.
Sure a Floyd Rose is betterrr but you can do things with the one on the Whammy pedal that you can't with a Floyd or you can but it's alot harder.
To make it sound more accurate though you have to have a steady foot and do it just right.. when the pedal is all the way down it is down 4 octaves which is crazy low so if you don't move your foot slow enough and the right way then you'll jump down so low so fast that it'll just sound.. stupid.


but yeah.
the pedal is awesome.. some things don't sound that great and might be a bit scratchy but it still sounds great..
I can get a realistic bass sound out of it too.
Go down an octave and if you play on a clean channel, the neck pickup, and roll the tone back just enough.. it'll sound about as good as the bass player's sound in my band.. which isn't bad.

and the octave up effects are pretty cool too.
Sure you can kill your ear drums with them! but if you use them right it's pretty awesome.
Just to clear things up, the Whammy IV is capable of shifting 1-2 octaves up and 1-3 octaves down. 3 octaves down being the dive bomb setting.
I personally don't like the dive bomb setting much, I can't really get a realistic tone out of it, but I do quite like the octave up/down settings, and the octave up/down harmonies.
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the whammy pedal is amazing.
Does anyone know how it compares to the Boss OC-3 for octave downs?
I heard people say that the old whammy's are better the new ones...
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