Yet another song, right now I've only gotten so far, but I would still like feedback on the song so far. I've stopped in the middle of an important part, I know, but I'll continue updating this post with my work on the song.

Current version on this page.
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I like what I've heard from this so far.
The slow parts do sound a tad repetative, I think they would sound good with vocals, but I don't know what your plans are for this song.

The part with the distortion reminds me a bit of the end of The Happiest Days of Our Lives by Pink Floyd.

It has potential to be a good song imo.


crit mine?
I've updated the song with the following things:
Added another guitar part
Added about 12 measures of work
Almost introduced the heavier part of the song

It is found below.
I've Awoken.zip