Hey! Ive been playing guitar for over 2yrs now and im looking for a amp. Price ranging form 100-400$. I do not really care how loud it is, i just care about the tome,bass,treble, and quality of the sound. so plz help me out!
playing style? practice or performing amp?
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guitar type?
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well, a good all around amp, unless youre playing metal is a used peavey classic 30
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epiphone valve jr
or the krank rev jr

all good decent amps you can practice with
hmm, with that budget i say you go tube, even though there might be some good SS/modeling amps that would be good for you. crate V50+ overdrive pedal, possibly

tell us whether you play by yourself or with a band first though

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my vox valvetronix ad30vt that is for sale, link's in my sig, check out the clips in my profile
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