I just started this, it's not close to finished yet.

As far as the guitar part goes dont expect much, it's not too great, that is really what I want the most help on if anyone can.

All ideas are welcome.

Kind of Tool Inspired.zip
Okay, since you've commented mine, it's only fair to comment yours. I think that the song is a bit repetitive, and needs more guitar. The intro should also be dropped, in my opinion. I just think that most bass chords are just bad; nothing against your opinion, it's just mine. The song should start straight with the verse, too, in my opinion. I like the chorus, but I recommend to ditch MIDI and go with RSE for the guitar.
Well, I can tell you I'm definitely picking up The Patient a bit and Schism from the intro. Its sounds good but, and this is just me being picky about stupid things, you format time signatures in the oddest way. A measure of 5/4 followed by a measure of 6/8 will ultimately lead to two measures of 4/4. The alternate times aren't necessary for that section. Same with 13/8 and 11/8, it's just two measures of 6/4.
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