hey ug
well, i have a few pedals and an amp question
i have a 6505+ and i get the most annoying hum and a beeep ( from the gain, and the effects chain) could i be running everything wrong? or am in need of a pedal or something? i tried out my friends ns-2 and the only thing that did was **** with my tone and just make my GUITAR less noisy when i wasnt playing it. i need something to shut my amp up! i have a boss conditioner but ive already been told it wont help out that end of my noise.

1.)could someone please tell me how to run my tuner pedal, chorus, looper, and my BBE rack sonic maximizer all together with tuner being from the front? im pretty sure i have it correctly though

2.) what pedal or preferably rack effect should i get to get rid of that background hum?

thanks, check out my band if you like metal while your at it =]

Gibson SG faded, black hardware/ EMG81-89
peavey 6505+
GMajor Effects Processor
BBE 362 sonic maximizer
THD Hotplate
Avatar 2x12 w/ Hellatone 60/ K100
Behringer FB1010