Are there any gibson, epiphone, dean, ibanez guitars that are good for playing hardcore, metal, punk, or rock that price ranges from $200-800$? if so plz reply to it.
There are a lot of guitars in the price range of 200 - 800 bucks.

Drop Dean from that list.

What kind of guitar are you looking for. Thick neck or thin? HH configuration or HSH or SSS or HSS etc...? Hardtail or trem?
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Try a Schecter Hellraiser. Srsly. I think it suits your needs perfectly. Two hums, EMG 81/89, option of a Floyd if you want to shell out the extra cash, with a quilted maple top on a mahogany body. The price might've increased by now, but when I was looking around, they were about $700, $850 if you want the Floyd.
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A Faded Gibson V is $700, and in person actually looks very nice.

At that range, you can look at some BC Riches. Their NJ series (and up) is top notch.