hey guys

I've been trying to work on my Tapping.

just for the impressive look of it really.

I had a little section in a solo piece I wrote for moderation, which went down really well.

though, I'm dreadful at two handed tapping when it actually involves, skill.

I was wondering if you guys know any kind of excersizes to play so I can work on it

at the moment I am pretty confident with holding out a chord and tap over it and tap a bass note with my left hand and tap a melody/top end of chord with my right

Also any way of making each hand independant would help immensely, they go with eachother way too much, like high school lovers.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
Victor Wooten Norweigen Wood. (sp)

Seriously, theres a book where he transcribed what he felt was his best version and he wrote it out. It may look hard, but I could play the whole first 2 minutes solid after 3 weeks of practice (dont laugh, theres like 600 notes in the first 2 minutes!)
Stu Hamm did a tapping version of the Star Trek theme. Each part is rather simple, but putting them together is a pain. Start off slow and build up, as is the way with all things practice.

Another thing that I did when I started off with tapping was to use the right hand for some lead bits as well as bass- essentially playing arpeggios with two hands, adding a few extra notes here and there. You don't necessarily require full independance, but more co-operation.
Stu hamm also did a version of "Linus and Lucy" using two handed tap that is fairly easy. Its about the only thing I can manage to tap half way decently.

Stu has DVD called Slap and Tap. I think there might still be a few excerpts out there on You tube.
Thank you for the useful feedback!
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"