Hey guys,
I just bought a Tom Delonge Stratocaster off my friend for 100 bucks and am going to customize it. Its only has an invader humbucker and a single volume knob in it, which is useless for leads. Im thinking about re-wiring it with three custom shop texas special picksups, and adding the three switches (Volume, 2 Tones). Im not sure if Fender makes a standard pickguard for their strats (E.g. will a standard strat pickguard fit this guitar), or if the bridge can support the three pickups (wiring wise). Any input on this would be great as I have never customized a guitar before.
I have one of these as well. I love it. Mine only has a rout for a single humbucker at the bridge so if you wanna do that you might have to do some heavy work.

I replaced the pickup with a GFS Power Rails. I have to keep the volume knob at about 8 for cleans b/c at 10 it breaks up a little bit. Great for distortion b/c I can simply roll it up a little more for some more kick.
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Its a fender with all the original parts (im assuming, since ive known the guy since he bought it a few years back).
Would throwing a floyd rose bridge in it make a difference (for wiring three pickups instead of the single invader?).
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