This seems like a good start but really there's not much to critique. The chord changes and melodies seem fine but they don't stand anywhere without the rest of the band. The rhythms could be a little tighter, their pretty good in most parts, it just sounds like this was one take, and some of the tiny off points show that off. The sound is very brittle, work on EQing your guitar, take out some of the highs, add some low mids for more body. If you could get a demo for it, I could say more.

Forgiven actually seems far more interesting song wise, maybe incorporate some of that stuff into the distorted punk thing and you could end up with a cool sound. You're singer is kind of struggling though, I don't know if its the microphone or the EQing or his voice (might be all three).

Its a decent start, there just not much of it.

Off topic: Orlando musicians **** yeah! Where in Orlando are you guys?
The guitars are nice, the tone is pretty good, I'd suggest to lower the rhytm guitar track but other than that, without any bass,drums, or vocals the song sound very empty and uninteresting, which is a shame because there's a solid foundation for a good song there.
Also the clean part at the end, is way too loud, lower it a bit so it's not louder than the rest of the song.

overall like johnnylovesyou said, it's a good start, now finish the song.

Also I checked your other songs, and no offense, but the vocalist is absolute crap.