OK so here's the dealio... Christmas is coming up and the family is yearning to know what I crave this year and I guess you could say iIm on a pedal kick.
my specs-
gibby lespaul studio
Fender fm65dsp(understand that this amp actually has some pretty good destorition presets and common effects like tremelo chorus)

I play a large array of things from heavy metal to classic rock to jazz to grunge and punk.

Ive come to learn that a Wah pedal is a neccessary for anyone wanting to start a pedal board of any size or shape.
My first instinct was Dunlop cry baby but after hearing they dont do so well with high gain, Im leaning towards the Ibanez Weeping demon.
Another pedal I was looking into was(dont laugh) the danelectro french toast fuzz and octave. Honestly when I saw this I thought it was a piece of junk but ive heard it and i really like i dunno why...

SO I need YOUR help the wondeful people of ultimate-guitar to help me decide what wah and any other unusual pedals that seem interesting.

Thank you prior to your response
I have a Cry Baby and I run at very high gain... sounds great in my opinion.
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I've heard awesome things about the vox pedals. Check those out.
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i have the weeping demon, and its a good wah, but not very conventinal. its good for tom morello types of sounds, but not the wah sound one is used to hearing. plus, its 100% terrible for clean, and although you may think that you wont use it on clean, just as i did, trust me- YOU WILL.

get the dimebag crybaby, its only 50 bucks more expensive and has 10x the features and 10000 times the tone.
Funk that get a tube amp

Bandwagoning at it's finest

If you refuse to listen, get a weeping deamon or a Morley bad horsie.
I'm listening, the tube amp is just not going to happen for christmas. I have a decent amount of cash that I'm putting towards an awesome tube for later on.

Weeping demon-
Pro- GooD High gain
con- not so great clean

good on both sides?

Which crybaby model is better than the others?

I'm also open for suggestions of other pedals not just wah.
OK so my hunt continues just an update:
The original crybaby the cheap one, is out of the race
and the 535q is taking its place along with the vox v847a

I'm really lost
I need a pedal that will handle high gain well but can also do clean
WTF, dont listen to the rest of these guys, you need a new amp.

Screw the pedals.

Listen to highwaytohell.
hmm Good point lets say... 600? maybe 700(usd)
Its christmas and i have some money down so It's somewhat versatile.
I'd like to stick with new, If i chose to get a new amp. A new amp still doesn't get me a wah... and with a new amp i would have to get distorion pedals and effect pedals etc...
I just don't know
I really dont gig, i jam with some friends but mainly play at home I'm not sure if i even need a new amp...
yah but youd be better off with a new amp non the less.

Just about any tube amp would be better than the amp you have now, in terms of tone, quality of overdrive, dynamics, everything.
Trust me you need a new amp.

Plus the only good SS amps are digital so they wont take any pedals well.
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Plus the only good SS amps are digital

There are bad solid-state amps that aren't digital?

For an amp with distortion for bedroom use under $700, I'd say a Classic 30 combo would be your best bet.
Yah it looks like the New amp is a good possibility, I have a few in mind but i just need your input....
The peavy classic 30
Fender hot rod deluxe

Can both of these pull through with some good heavy distortion?
Are they loud enough to hear over a drummer?
and are there any other tube amps that are better choices?
whatever you do do not get a hot rod delux. its a great amp, but not for heavy music. neither is the classic 30, if i can go by the name.

get a spider valve. its a tube amp, with modeling, so i has four channals.
it gets great cleans and amazing dist. sounds. and its really really cheap!
i own one, and the only amp i'd rather get is a mesa recto, but that over twice as expensive.

if you MUST get a wah, get either the dimebag crybaby from hell, of the zakk wylde.

they are both crybabys.