Hey, I recently ordered a quad of ruby 6l6's, 4 penta-labs 12ax7s and a tung sol re-issue 12ax7 for amp to have it re-tubed and tuned up at my local shop. I bought the tubes a couple weeks ago, received them couple days later, good delivery time. I then took them to my tech, who showed me that one of the penta-labs had loose filaments, and recommended i send it back for another one. So i contacted doug's and he tried to tell me to use it anyhow (as my tech said he probably would), i said i wanted to send it back, he said thats cool. So i sent it back to him a week ago this past friday, the following tuesday it said they failed to deliver it because no one was there, and they could pick it up or it might be re-delivered. Anyhow, during buying process dougs email replies were very quick, but now since i wanted to send the tube back (a frickin 10 dollar tube), he has not responded to a single email of mine in over a week. I asked if he could email me when he gets it cuz USPS's confirmation thing never said he got it. I feel i've been very patient for even an email as to whats going on, and have gotten nothing from them. Is there a long process when it comes to returning a tube there? Has anyone else ever experienced this with them? I mean my tech said the amp will be getting done this week, and i still dont even have a response as to whereabouts of replacement tube, therefore I think im just going to have my tech install somethin diff, maybe a JJ, give me some diff tubes to mess around with. So anyone? Or am i just being impatient after almost a week and a half since send back and no replies to me 3-4 emails.
Never dealt with him, I've always used the tube depot and had no problems. They aren't too far from me either so I usually get my tubes in 2-3 days.

I'd say let the tech install something different and ask for a refund from doug.
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yea thats what i think im going to do, figured maybe the JJ would allow me to move diff pre-amps around a lil too to try diff stuff, and if i dont like any one of em or w/e, theyre pretty inexpensive. Why i find it hard to believe he is dodging me over a 10 dollar tube, if he is, thats one helluva way to detour repeat customers, kinda pathetic, lol.
From what I've seen, TungSol makes the best 12ax7s anyway so I'd have the tech put another of those in, and request a $10 refund from Doug's.
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yea i know other ppl who haven't either, but also heard more recently ppl have been having some. Not sure, penny pinching maybe? LOL. Alls i know is that tube was bad, and a simple replacement, hell a simple reply woulda been nice.