Okay, so I've been playing for about 5 months now, and I can play Stairway to Heaven all the way through (minus the solo). Now my guitar teacher said that it was phenomanol (sp?) for my age, 14, but I dont think it's anything special. Am I just playing at the natural pace of most beginners, or is this good for some reason?
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I'd say that's pretty good for 5 months playing.

It's not the hardest song in the world, but there is some complexity to it.
Stairway to heaven was the first song I learned too. What really matters is if you can play it all the way through flawlessly.
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Well,I'm only 12

I can play Stairway, who can't?

I've been playing for 3 yrs., so yeah, but I can play some hard stuff too.

EDIT: Keep up the good work man!

I didn't mean to sound boastful
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but the real question on everybodies mind is

*drum roll*

is it clean?

it dosent matter if you can play the song, if it's not clean then you need to go back over it slower until it is clean

Yes, I can play it clean. I'm going to post an MP3 of it, probably this weekend (This week is really hectic cause I'm in a play and we have practice after school untill 10 every night)
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I was playin it within 5 months of guitar. Its generally the 'go to' song for beginners. But yeah, your probably still ahead of most people.
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Since you've had lessons from a teacher that doesn;t surprise me. On your own you may have found it harder to learn the song, ie take longer
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lol its not a phenomenon, im 14 self thought and i can play it all...not boasting or anything, just saying
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i cant play it

( 1.5 year player)

but then again, i can't be arsed to learn it
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I'd say youre doing good work dude. I can play it through minus the solo also. Fun to play, good to warm up chord-wise.
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Thb its pretty good since there are some pretty annoying parts in there.
im now 4 months into guitar playing no lessons, only on youtube and UG, and i can full play Nothing else matters + solo.
- the interlude and 1st solo in Master of Puppets, enter sandman ( no solo )
Sweet child o mine intro, Highway to hell ( no solo) back in black ( no solo)
Knocking on heavens door, intro and 1st solo
some easy acoustic sounding songs with chords ( like Wonderwall - Oasis etc. )
and a bunch of greenday songs, Under the Bridge till the barred chords with hammer-ons begin and Scar tissue - Red hot chilli peppers.
and not to forget ofc the hardest of them all, Smells like teen spirit

ofc its not that to impressive, though i dont think im progressing all that bad.

i dont know if you only have been learning stairway to heaven for now or your busy with other songs aswell. but when your only learning 1 song besides scales/techniques it shouldnt take all that long to learn 1 song, depends on its difficulty ofc.
it really depends on how well you play it and if you know how to do anythign else.
because honestly there are a whole bunch of ****ty guitarists that can only play stairway and other misc songs that they think are cool and just read the tab for. they arent really guitarists they are more like "guitar hero wannabes".

i honestly dont think stairway is hard at all. you stick a chord there and pick it out.