So I am throwing a party on saturday and I was wondering how much a keg would cost and where do i buy one and fill it up?
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places that sell beer will sell you a keg. you don't usually have your own keg. they have kegs, they fill them with whatever beer you want, and when you are done, you return the keg.

i don't know how much they cost though. i've never bought one.
They usually come filled...
You buy them from a beer distributor...
Price depends on what size keg and what beer you want...
keg price starts at around 80$ thats if you have your owna and a tap total cost for some crap microbrew would be around 130$ beign that 50$ is refundable on the return of the keg and tap if it survives
1 - you don't buy a keg, you put a deposit on it when you buy the beer.
2 - deposit is usually $25 -ish
3 - don't forget to get a tap or you're screwed. about $50 deposit.
4 - 1/2 barrel (15 gallons) will cost about $100 for decent beer, more for good shiz, less for piss-water.
5 - prices vary widely according to location.
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