How far to the edge of the neck should an E string? i bought a vintage hagstrom and was wondering what i could do to move it, because it slips off the neck when I play sometimes.
Is it fit in place with the end of the neck and at the bridge? That could be the problem too.
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1/8th of an inch from the edge of the nut, it has to maintain 1/8th all along the neck also. Thats for the low and high E. BUT, that 1/8th must be from the outer edge of the string, and not the center of the string.

Let me know if this is clear for you... not sure how to eplain it.
There is no set distance, its up to you.

You can move the strings futher from the edge of the f/b by getting a nut with a smaller string spacing, but if you do it will mess up the taper of the strings, it will be more pronouced at the nut than at the bridge (unless you replace that with a smaller string spacing by the same amount) but its pretty much just aesthetics.

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Not aesthetics really, 1/8" is the standard for electric and acoustic guitars, 3/16" for classical. You should also check the side of the fret, verify if the angle given to the fret is too pronounced, maybe the spacing is good and the frets are the problem.