I started using Amplitube and my studio monitors as my amp a few months ago. When I got back into playing I picked up a small Crate FlexWave 25 watt practice amp, but soon realized that the sounds you can achieve with Amplitube kick major ass and have been using the software ever since.

I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card. I'm not using the USB stealth plug thing that IK Mulitimedia sells, I just put a 1/4" TRS to RCA adapter on my guitar cord and plugged straight into one of the RCA inputs on the sound card. Everything works just fine this way but I'm concerned that it may eventually damage the sound card, motherboard, or both. I mean, if you can just plug right into the sound card, then what's the point of even getting the Stealth Plug? Unless the Stealth Plug is for computers with lower end sound cards and somehow helps with latency or something. I don't know, you tell me.

My second question is about Amplitube itself. I have all the Amplitube programs: Amplitube 2, Metal, Jimi Hendrix, and X-Gear. IMO, a lot of the presets that ship with the program totally suck ass so I decided I'd go through and delete the ones I don't like. As I was browsing through the folders for each program, I noticed a folder named "Patches" in the X-Gear folder. Inside the Patches folder were a bunch of files with the extension "patch". Looking a little more closely I noticed that the file names were names of presets in the other Amplitube programs I have. My only guess is that X-Gear uses these ".patch" files to somehow link together all the presets from the other Amplitube programs inside X-Gear. What exactly do these *.patch files do?

You are not going to damage anything. You are fine. The Stealth Plug is just a different solution.. USB - and can handle the output as well... so essentially it replaces the sound card.
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