These hands in shackles show how much I’ve lost my time
Searching for a reality, that helps me look alive
You speak and than you roll, but there is no kiss or tell
You say you feel like your burning, is life a living hell?

I hope I could set you free babe
maybe you could do the same for me oh
If you look away now, I can understand
But please there's something I'd like you to know

The plush bear lying on the wall
Makes me cringe when I see you fall
The stars dying through your cries,
Hold you’re beautiful eyes together, and will you, be mine?

Hazel eyes, and a shotgun kiss
With you girl, it's like a hit or miss
My envy speaks but do you deny
You just need to live the love in life

You know I'll always be there for you
Till i'm driven half to death
I know I don't mean to bore you
To say "I need you" in a breath


Beauty cannot even describe you
like another Venus come to me
Body of the heavens, realize the winds speak
Turn the gears, and set you free


Can I hold you tonight
You melt me like the light
Baby open your eyes and see
Will you burn with meeeeee, stephanie

This is an old song I thought I'd put up for grabs. It's got a basic rock feel.
Quote by stephen_rettie
try and get away from the AABB and ABAB rhyming pattern but otherwise alright lyrics

I concur
This is a very early song and it's supposed to have a very poppy feel, I suppose. My more recent work has a little less of that...

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I like it.

So whos this stephanie character

Funny you should ask... Girl I was involved in my own personal drama with, long story short, she had a boyfriend who was negligent but she still loved him I tried to take her away she falls into conformity i realize that i might only like her becuase she epitomizes the party **** lifestyle I envy, so on and so forth. Still a good friend of mine though.