Is this the clothing size that is like one size below adult small or something? I'm buying a t-shirt online and that's the closest thing to my size, and I'm wondering if it will fit...

I'm like 6'2 and 120 lbs, so I'm real skinny..but I don't know if it's too small or not
you know what else is youth large?
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The only problem that I think you could run into is the shirt being too short. Otherwise go for it!
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actually, there's a youth XL. Don't know why seeing as it isn't much smaller than an adult small
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dude..how the hell are you alive at 6'2'' and 120lbs? i'm 6'2'' and 175 and i'm pretty skinny and you're 55lbs less than that??? wtf..anyway YXLl is the size below AS then YL. YL is a 14-16 size number then 18-20 YXL and AS is like 22-26ish..but yea its gonna be too short on you.

Usually YL and AS are the same size but AS is much longer for ppl like you. I'd say its not gonna fit most likely.

(I've worked in clothing retail for 4 years so thats all accurate)
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its going to be really short, trust me, im 5'8 and 120 lbs and youth large is to short for me
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its going to be really short, trust me, im 5'8 and 120 lbs and youth large is to short for me

hey I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs too.

and TS you will not fit into that shirt.

edit: and is it a power rangers shirt is something? Why would it only be in youth sizes?
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I can wear an adult small although any that ive worn were too short when I lifted my arms. Im 6'1" 140 lbs
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And o well, I just ordered it, worse comes to worse I'll wear another shirt under it, because it's along sleeve.
Jesus christ you're thin, I'm 5'9, 140 lbs and already look like a stick.

That being said I wear adult medium for the most part, youth large will likely be too small, at least too short.